Outdoor Rhythm Kids Classes

Ms. Catherine, Director
Memorial Park Gazebo (location map)
Thursday, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
04/08/21 - 06/10/21 (10 weeks)


We're so excited to be offering covid-safe classes ourdoors this spring in Memorial Park's Gazebo in Nyack. 

Classes are limited to six families, socially distanced. Bring your own instruments or purchase brand new ones from us!

Rhythm Kids follows through on the Music Together® vision to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from birth through age 8. Each week we drum, sing, dance, introduce and play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games. Rhythm Kids guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, where they can begin to take charge, lead others, and be musically creative.

Rhythm Kids not only extends the traditional Music Together experience, but also allows any child to enter into a class and start to grow their musical skills and love by emphasizing the best educational models appropriate to their age:

  • Social interaction with peers
  • Carefully curated musical experiences designed to broaden their horizons culturally, historically, rhythmically, and tonally
  • A play- and fun-based, yet structured environment in which to grow

Rhythm Kids’ learning continues at home, with interactive videos designed to be a fun, anytime activity for kids and parents alike.  This cutting edge approach brings a great, constructive activity to your family’s day, and sets the stage for further musical learning in lessons, and musical literacy.

While your kids are having fun, they’ll be refining focus, dexterity, coordination, and rhythm – all things they’ll use every day for the rest of their lives.

Upcoming Meetings
04/22/21    3:30 PM Thursday 04/22/21 3:30 PM
04/29/21    3:30 PM Thursday 04/29/21 3:30 PM
05/06/21    3:30 PM Thursday 05/06/21 3:30 PM
05/13/21    3:30 PM Thursday 05/13/21 3:30 PM
05/20/21    3:30 PM Thursday 05/20/21 3:30 PM
05/27/21    3:30 PM Thursday 05/27/21 3:30 PM
06/03/21    3:30 PM Thursday 06/03/21 3:30 PM
06/10/21    3:30 PM Thursday 06/10/21 3:30 PM