Music Togethere Generations

Please note for this Spring 2018 semester were are offering a 5 weeks session of Music Together® Generations.

Tuition is $124 and includes the Music Together Family Favorites CD.

The combination of music and children is just magical for elder participants.  Some grandfriends actively absorb the experience, clearly delighting in watching and listening; others love singing along, tapping their feet and shaking the instruments along with the families. And although most elders sing and dance from their chairs, some are even able to get up and boogie with us! The children and parents love it, too; it becomes an important weekly ritual and an invaluable part of their family’s life. There is an instant connection between elders and families that is incredible to witness. For many of the families as well as many of the elder participants, extended family live far away and so there is a kind of surrogate family created through the Music Together class. Music Together directors like myself are so proud to be bringing people together across generations in our communities. We are bringing back something essential that’s been lost: intergenerational music-making.

Check out this video to see Music Together Generations in action